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AIRTEL Short Codes

Below mentioned Short codes can be used on Airtel network for enable and disable services etc.
Information onShort CodeMode
Last Billed AmountBCDSMS on 121
Current Bill Plan BPSMS on 121
Last Three Payments PYMTSMS on 121
Unbilled Amount UNBSMS on 121
Credit Limit CL SMS on 121
Send on 121 for Deactivation of Airtel Live DLIVE SMS on 121
Info on SMS packs SMS PACK SMS on 121
Start DND START DND SMS on 121
Billed Amount *121*11#Call
Unbilled Amount *121*12#Call
Previous Balance *121*13#Call
Last Three Payments *121*14#Call
Service Request Status *121*15#Call
Forgot password facility over SMS,
keywords which can be used
Web Password,
Web Paswd,
Web Password,
Web Paswd,
Web pswd.
SMS on 121
Customer can now register through SMS Start My Airtel <Login Id>,
Register <Login Id>,
Regstr <Login Id>,
Rgstr <Login Id>
SMS on 121
One time email bill ebill <email> <month>,
ebl <email> <month>,
ebill <email> <month>
SMS on 121
Monthly email bill start ebill <email>,
startebill <email>
SMS on 121
Stop paper bill Stop Bill <email>,
StopBill <email>
SMS on 121
Stop email bill Stop ebill,
SMS on 121
Daily Unbilled Message Start UNBSMS on 121
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