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Kinetix Engineering Solutions Limited

2113, Prestige South Ridge, 100 ft Ring Road
BSK 3rd Stage, Bengaluru - 560 085

: +91 - 9739439503
: +91 - 80 - 66885367, 42124198
: kinetixindi[email protected]inetixengineering.com

Developing products in the Defense, Aerospace, and Space Industry, and have developed several high-technology Unmanned Aerial platforms for the Department of Aerospace, Space and Defense, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and Drones with SWARM features embedded through Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Deep Learning. Indigenously developed turn-key products such as Active Protection System for Battle Tanks, Missile Launchers & Control systems, Missile Loading Platforms for Submarines, Flight Simulators & Training Devices, Battle Tank Simulators, Rapid-Decompression Test facilities, Satellite Docking Stations, etc.