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Spray Engineering Devices Limited (SED)

Spray House, Plot No. C-82
Industrial Area, Phase 7
Mohali / Ajitgarh - 160 055
Telephone: +91 - 172 - 3029703
: info@sprayengineering.com

Working in the fields of Evaporation, Heat Exchanger, Condensation and Crystallization, provide integrated energy saving equipment and solutions for sugar and allied industries across the globe. Products: Tubular Falling Film Evaporator, Plate Type Falling Film Evaporator, Vertical Spray Continuous Pan (SCP®), Mechanical Circulator, Low Temperature Evaporator, Condensate Flashing System (Flash Cigar®), Direct Contact Heater, Molasses Conditioner, Sugar Melter, Cooling & Condensing System etc.