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Olympus Medical Systems India Private Limited

Corporate Office
SAS Tower, Ground Floor, Tower C
The Medicity Complex, Sector 38
Gurugram - 122 001
Telephone: +91 - 124 - 4999191
: +91 - 124 - 4999190
: endosale.omsi@olympus.com

Portfolio of products deals primarily in three verticals i.e. Gastrointestinal, Respiration & Surgical divisions and contribute to the medical society with state of the art product categories that includes, Video Endoscopy, Endoscopic Ultrasound, Bronchoscopy, Endotherapy devices in Gastrointestinal & Respiratory range whereas Surgical division includes High definition imaging system and Energy products to deal with Laparoscopy, General Surgery, Gynaecology and Urology field.