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Hussain Hand Made Paper

Near Jama Masjid, Kagzi Colony
Sanganer, Jaipur - 302 029

: +91 - 9413561319, 9414783902, 9166876773
: hussainpapers@gmail.com, danishkhankagzi@gmail.com

Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of paper products. Pigments: Miniature Painting Stater Kit, Natural Pigment Shell Kit, Trial Pigment Powder Kit, Papers: Jute Paper, Bleached White Hemp Paper, Calligraphy Pen: Bamboo Qalam, Celi Qalam, Handam Qalam, Tumar Qalam, Javi Qalam, Bamboo Calligraphy Qalam Set (for Beginners), Burnishers: Paper Burnisher, Line Burnisher, Miniature Brush, Miniature Curved Brush, Calligraphy Ink etc.